we create products that are full of only natural, wholesome botanical goodness!

Hand crafted chocolate bars and nut butter traditionally stone milled by passionate people in the rolling hills of Scotland.

Using only plants such as fruits, nuts, seeds, roots, flowers, tree sap and essential oils our recipes are 100% vegan and full of natural, wholesome, goodness.

We support organic farming as it helps to promote healthy sustainable ecosystems worldwide, it promotes a greater amount of wildlife, reduces the amount of agriculture pollution and it also produces noticeably tastier produce.

We sweeten all our products with coconut palm sugar.

 All our products are vegan friendly and are free from soy, dairy or palm oil, refined sugar or preservatives.


The cacao we use is truly ethical, organically certified and produced by small artisanal farmers in the rich, diverse, beautiful ecosystem of Yapatera, Piura, Peru.




our delicious products

We craft a range of wholesome chocolate bars and nut butters that are made entirely from organic seeds, nuts, roots, fruits, flowers, essential oils & tree saps.