Hazelnut Fuj

Hazelnut Fuj

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This luxuriously rich butter, kind of like a chocolate spread, except its made with only botanical wholefood goodness and naturally sweetened with evaporated coconut nectar.

Velvety smooth texture, 100% organic and gently stoneground. Made entirely from a fusion of dried coconut flesh, hazelnuts, vanilla pods, coconut sugar, raw cacao powder and sea salt. We like to eat it with a spoon but there is a plethora of other ways it can also be used. A great tool for your everyday superhero.

Perfect for spooning, spreading, dipping, drizzling, blending, sharing or just keeping the whole thing for yourself… You are worth it!

Certified organic with the Soil Association, ethical, vegan & paleo friendly, soy & dairy free, non GMO, Free from refined sugars.

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