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Chocolate +

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1st in Europe!

Our 68% dark Peruvian chocolate infused with C*D (each bar contains 10mg). Made from hand harvested h*mp grown in in Europe. The bar tastes predominantly of strong Peruvian cacao followed with strong and rich herby notes.

A unique synergy of botanicals make this one of the most innovative chocolates on the market right now.

DISCLAIMER: We use a lab tested h*mp paste that has been produced in accordance with strict EU Regulations. Our chocolate is completely non psychoactive (unfortunately).

Please contact us for any additional information.

Due to strict regulations, we are prohibited from telling you very much about why you might want to consume C*D. Do your own research!

99% certified organic ingredients, ethical, vegan & paleo friendly, soy & dairy free, non GMO, free from refined sugars.

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